I’m Eric Shafer

Entrepreneur & Investor

I love building businesses that fuel growth and global development.

Check out my biography below:
Check out my biography below:

Hello, I’m Eric Shafer.
An entrepreneur and investor who focuses on building businesses that change the global landscape is what best describes me. From real estate projects that revitalize residential neighborhoods, to next generation ad-tech solutions and web3 blockchain projects, I'm passionate about bringing success wherever I go.

Building my first website at age 14 and my first videogame at age 15, I quickly realized my passion for project development. Together with a close friend, I began designing and developing websites for clients while balancing life as a student and an avid videogaming competitor and top 10 finalist. While at Purdue University, studying Computer Technology with a specialty in Information Systems, Multiagent Systems and Bioinformatics, I built a blog network teaching others how to build their own design and development businesses using my techniques.

While my websites continued to grow, I received outreach from several top ad companies, including Google, about expanding partnerships and developing new opportunities, and I began to receive requests that were beyond my own areas of focus. To accomodate the growing interest, I created my ad network, Prosprio, to meet the needs of advertisers by partnering them with publishers who could fulfill their campaigns. With underlying adtech and analytics to fuel the growth, I began building ancillary businesses to further meet client needs.

The response from the online community was incredible, and I soon had websites receiving millions of pageviews every month, and together with 3 business partners, started a WordPress themes company which is still operating today: MyThemeShop.com. I was also invited to the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology to learn more about nanomaterials, in relation to a project proposal I had developed at Purdue for technology-based cancer detection and treatments. I subsequently enrolled and then left Purdue University's program for Artificial Intelligence to focus exclusively on my ventures.

Through my success and challenges, I have developed a unique skill set and have continued to maintain my vision for the future of not only my companies, now managed by my holding corporation, Terra Nova Enterprises, but also my vision for the future of human and technological development. With the resources assembled to date, I have been able to invest in real estate projects that are transforming Chicago neighborhoods, and am continuing to investigate new business opportunities.


Terra Nova Enterprises


Terra Nova Enterprises


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